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FAQ: When is my session fee due?
Your session fee is due at least two weeks prior to the session. A 20% retainer fee is due at the time of booking to ensure that your date is held.

FAQ: What do I wear to my session?
I'm always up for a couple outfit changes as long as doing so does not interfere with the time frame that we are working in. If you are doing a family session, try not to match, but shoot for coordinating clothing. For all other portrait sessions, I suggest clothing that you are comfortable and confident in. For women, bright, fun colors, and accessories (i.e. Chunky necklaces, bracelets, scarves, etc.) help make photos such fun. Quilts or other fun props are always welcome.

FAQ: How do I view my pictures online?
I use an online gallery called PASS. You just login in with your ID and Password that I will provide to you and then you are good to go! Your gallery can be viewed, downloaded, and shared with family and friends. PASS is very simple, sleek, elegant, and easy to use!! Check out my blog for a "how to" post.

FAQ: What is your turn-around time?
I try to work as efficiently as possible when producing images for my clients. Although, I do work a full time job aside from Lauren Jones Photography. Currently my turn-around time is anywhere from 1-2 weeks. For small sessions, it takes me about a week. Weddings are usually longer.

FAQ: Can I order prints?
Yes! Yes! Yes!! I am a firm believer in prints! I know that technology is the new thing, but it just makes me happy to be able to physically hold a picture in my hand. Plus, prints are authentic and timeless.
The lab that I use is WHCC. They are amazing and have a FAST printing/shipping time. I love working with them. If you are interested in prints, you can order those straight from your PASS gallery. If you would like to order a canvas or a larger print, please email me and I would be happy to order it for you!